Meghan Markle's First Television Appearance Since Leaving Royal Family Airs On 'Good Morning America'

Meghan Markle made her first television appearance since leaving the royal family via a pre-taped segment on Good Morning America where she appeared to discuss her voice-over work for the Disneynature film Elephant. The interview was pre-recorded in the summer of 2019 and showed the Duchess of Sussex promoting the documentary that she narrated for the company's streaming service, Disney+.

"I hope that when people see this film they realize how connected we all are, and if we had more of an awareness about the obstacles they are facing, I think we'd take care of each other, this planet and animals in a very different way," said Meghan of gaining a better understanding of the beautiful animals through her participation in the project.


She also said she learned a great deal of how remarkable these large animals are through her work in the film. Meghan spoke about the animals' memory capacity, how close they are with their herds and how they protect their young, citing just how similar elephants are to humans in many of their behavior patterns.

Meghan also stated that she was grateful to have had the opportunity to bring this story of elephants to life, calling the oversized creatures "majestic" as well as "sensitive and connected."

During the interview, Meghan reminisced about her and Prince Harry's trips to Africa, particularly the area of Botswana, where they shared their first date out of the eyes of the paparazzi when their relationship was in its early stages.

According to Vanity Fair, Meghan's participation in the project dates back to 2017, when she and her husband visited Botswana to assist the charity Elephants Without Borders. The publication reported that the couple had dinner with filmmakers Mark Linfield and Vanessa Berlowitz, who spoke to them about elephant families and allowed them to view some of their work on the then-unfinished project.

Fans loved the interview and the chance to hear Meghan talk about her passion for the project. They shared their feelings in the comments section of Good Morning America's Twitter share.

"It was very nice to hear from Meghan in this pre-recorded interview in promotion of Elephant which is a wonderful nature film by Disney+. And Meghan was amazingly brilliant as the narrator. Ps. Meghan looked gorgeous in this clip," said one follower.

"Great film and Meghan did a wonderful job narrating!! Great for the whole family!!" said a second fan.