Kindly Myers Rocks Dangerously Short Shorts & Confesses That She Misses Mexico In Hot New Upload

Kindly Myers' most recent Instagram upload has her longing for happier days. The model took to her page this past weekend to share a throwback from a trip that she took to Mexico before COVID-19 and social distancing.

The stunning throwback shot captured the model posing outdoors next to a giant piece of pork on a spit. It looked to be a beautiful day with only a few clouds overhead and hints of blue skies peeking through. The Playboy model confessed that she was missing Mexico and tacos al pastor, directing them to a link in her bio rather than tagging her actual location. Her day out on the town called for a sexy outfit that helped showcase her killer legs.

On top, Myers opted for a loose-fitting white top that draped perfectly off her figure. Its capped sleeves sat mid-way between her shoulder and elbow, showing off her fit arms. Thanks to the scooping neckline, fans were treated to a small glimpse of her tanned chest. The cheeky graphic on the T-shirt consisted of two pineapples on either side of her chest — a fitting top for a Mexican getaway.

Her bottoms were far sexier than her flowy top, consisting of frayed denim that barely covered the model's legs. The cutie from Kentucky flaunted her toned lower-half in the shorts that hit incredibly high on her upper thigh. The garment's cut was so short that even both pockets made an appearance.

The bombshell wore her long, platinum blond locks with a middle part, allowing the majority of her hair to fall behind her back. She kept glam to a minimum, wearing a small amount of blush on her cheeks in addition to a shimmery gloss on her pout. Myers sported an eye-popping accessory with a pair of giant, purple reflective aviators that engulfed the majority of her face.

Fans have loved the throwback shot so far, giving the post over 7,000 likes and 170-plus comments in only a short time of the update being live. Many of the model's fans were quick to comment on her incredible figure while countless others empathized, sharing that wish they were in Mexico, too.

"I want to go to Mexico so bad kindly," one fan wrote, adding a series of heart emoji alongside their words.

"I miss you. So good to see you. Love you always. You are looking very beautiful," another one of the model's fans added.

"What a truly lovely smile from such pretty woman," a third chimed in.