Attorney General William Barr Is Set To Take The Fall For Donald Trump's Coronavirus Policy, Report Says

In a Monday report from The Daily Beast, David R. Lurie claims that Attorney General William Barr appears set to spearhead Donald Trump's battle against the coronavirus lockdown. As noted by Raw Story, the report suggests that if things do sour, Barr is set to take the fall for any failures.

According to Lurie, Trump and Barr are pushing for states to reopen their economies as soon as possible, which will inevitably lead to a "massive number of needless deaths." Lurie claims that Barr will likely follow Trump's lead and use the help of the conservative judges that Trump has installed over the past three years. The New York City attorney says that these judges are likely to "enthusiastically comply" with a plan to wage war against the emergency health measures deployed at the state level.

Lurie claims that Trump and Barr are hoping that a clash between the courts and state health professionals will undermine state governors' authority. In particular, Lurie believes the pair are hoping to subvert Democratic leaders in swing states that have enjoyed a significant amount of public support for their handling of the pandemic.

According to Lurie, Barr's role in this purported plan is not surprising given his work within the Department of Justice (DOJ). Lurie claims that the Attorney General has been working to undermine the DOJ during his time at the helm. He also points to Barr's role in undermining the intelligence community to help Trump escape repercussions for his actions documented by Robert Mueller's Russia investigation as well as in the whistleblower complaint that ultimately led to his impeachment.

"Yet while Barr's past efforts to shred public confidence in governmental institutions have done a great deal of damage to the nation, the attorney general's latest effort to misuse the authority of the law, and of the federal courts, to help Trump out of a political jam is likely to have more immediate, and fatal, consequences."

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Trump has been increasingly critical of states' handling of the coronavirus. As reported by NBC News, Trump said during a Sunday press conference that some states crossed the line with their policies aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.

"Some governors have gone too far," the president said.

Trump has also publicly lauded the efforts of anti-quarantine protestors, a marked contrast from other lawmakers who have been critical of such protests.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump is allegedly planning to rally his base for the November election by supporting protestors, a plan that political scientist Daniel Drezner claims is doomed to fail.