Donald Trump's Plan To Rally His Base By Backing Anti-Quarantine Protests Will Likely Fail, Commentator Says

Political scientist Daniel Drezner took to Twitter on Monday morning to respond to a piece by The New York Times released the same day that covers Donald Trump's alleged plans to rally his base by backing coronavirus protests. According to Drezner, this move is doomed to fail in the face of the economic disaster that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked on the country.

"Trump and his campaign get behind the Astroturf protests, one would expect partisan cues to trigger an uptick in support within Trump's base for re-opening the economy," Drezner noted before diving into his criticism of the plan.

"But — and this is the most important point — It. Doesn't. Matter. Trump can machinate all he wants to rally his base. None of these tactics will help him beyond his base, and he needs more than 40 percent of the country to win re-election."
Drezner then outlined the "fundamental facts" about Trump's re-election efforts, which are that he's facing a collapsing economy, a united Democratic Party, and "no practical scenario" where the United States will return to normalcy by November. The coming election, Drezner says, will be a "referendum" on Trump's handling of a country in "economic freefall."

As noted in Drezner's op-ed for The Washington Post, many articles on Trump's re-election focus on his approach to dealing with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. But Drezner believes this approach is ultimately useless, again claiming that Trump's approach to the economy is the only thing that matters in November.

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"New attacks on Biden will feed lots of media narratives," Drezner wrote. "They will not alter the brute facts of this campaign."

As reported by USA Today, Trump recently called for the liberation of the states of Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia and claimed that the Second Amendment is under attack. His recent decision to throw support behind anti-quarantine protesters comes amid reports that conservative allies believe re-opening the economy will save his re-election campaign.

According to Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, Trump's base will turn against him if he continues to support the shutdown of the economy. Brandon claims that the next month will determine whether the president wins another term in 2020.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump's approval rating plummeted to 43 percent in the last month, which is a dip of six points. Although the 43 percent approval tops overall average of 40 percent, it comes along with a decline in other measurements, including satisfaction with the direction of the U.S.