Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Works Glutes In Tiny Booty Shorts For Latest Instagram Workout

Lauren Simpson added another workout video to her Instagram arsenal on Monday, April 20. The fitness model typically posts short exercise circuits that target one specific area of the body in an effort to motivate her followers to stay active while at home. The most recent upload featured a glute muscle workout.

For the workout, Lauren wears a lavender crop-top sweatshirt with long sleeves and a hood. The top extends to just below the model's ribcage, giving viewers a glimpse of her toned abdomen. She pairs the sweatshirt with tiny gray booty shorts that cling to her muscular hips, backside, and upper thighs. The shorts leave plenty of chiseled leg on display.

Lauren completes the outfit with a pair of white sneakers embellished with rainbow designs while accessorizing with a few sparkly stud earrings. She wears her platinum blond tresses pulled away from her face in a low ponytail and adds a bobby pin to secure loose ends. Lauren finishes the look with a touch of black mascara and eyeliner, eye shadow, and glossy lips to emphasize her facial features.

The post features seven individual video clips, each containing one of the exercises in the booty circuit. Lauren demonstrates the moves in her living room, and uses a resistance band and small exercise ball for equipment. She also makes use of household items for some of the exercises, including a dining room chair.

The first exercise that Lauren demonstrates for her 1.8 million followers is the Bulgarian split squat. She then moves into box squats and follows up with feet elevated glute bridges. The fourth exercise in the circuit is the upright seated abduction that transitions into the seated abduction leaning forward. The final two exercises in the workout are reverse hyper froggies and donkey kicks.

In the caption of the post, Lauren specifies the number of reps and sets her followers should do for each move. She also advertises her Shred At Home workout program that will help subscribers stay active during these hard times. The program is currently being offered at a discounted price.

In the first couple of hours of appearing on the social media platform, the booty workout received nearly 10,000 likes and dozens of comments from social media users. Many of the model's followers left feedback on the exercise circuit and asked her questions pertaining to their own specific fitness needs.

"Loving these workout videos you are posting," one Instagram user commented.