Bru Luccas Goes Braless & Flaunts Chiseled Abs While Wearing A Green Crop Top

Bru Luccas shared a fun video with her 2.8 million Instagram followers on Sunday. In it, she wore a green crop top and formfitting athletic pants. She opted to go braless underneath her skimpy top.

In the video, Bru walks along a wooden bridge lined with white railings. She sips from a Birthday Cake Bash-flavored Bang Energy drink, which is fitting since the energy drink company sponsored the post.

On her upper half, the model wore a crop top and a long-sleeved cardigan. She showed off her chiseled abdomen and neglected to wear a bra, leaving her nipples visible through the thin fabric of the shirt. Bru completed her outfit with dark blue pants that clung to her form and white sneakers.

She wore her hair in a cute braid tucked to the side for most of the video and pushed her hair out of her face with a patterned blue headband complete with a little bow on top. It didn't appear that she was wearing makeup in the clip.

At the beginning of the short video clip, the cameraperson filmed Bru strolling toward the camera while holding her Bang Energy drink. She then leaned against the railing and smiled.

The remainder of the footage showed the stunner alternating through various poses, including a few where she leaned over the side of the bridge while looking back over her shoulder and grinning. Toward the end of the clip, she sits down on the wooden slats and takes a long sip from her drink.

Bru opted not to use Instagram's geotag function, so it was not clear where the video was filmed.

It didn't take long for Bru's video to drum up attention from her loyal fan base. In less than 11 hours of going live, her video was viewed more than 151,100 times and liked over 32,700 times. Her fans also flocked to the comments section to call her "cute" and "gorgeous," along with tons of other compliments.

"As cute as can be beautiful #slayqueen stunning like a queen," wrote one fan, trailing their compliment with a large selection of adoring emoji.

"Beautiful woman and beauty smile," gushed another user, adding several sweet emoji to the reply, including a few hearts.

Last week, Bru shared several snaps of herself rocking a white off-the-shoulder crop top that flaunted her curvy chest. She went braless in those photos as well. The model paired her top with a sexy black G-string.