Jasmine Sanders Flaunts Her Backside In An Orange Thong Bikini While Teaching Puppy To Swim

Jasmine Sanders attempted to give her new puppy a swimming lesson, and she gave her fans a good look at her pert posterior while the cute pooch was splashing around.

On Sunday, Jasmine took to Instagram to share a poolside video with her 3.8 million followers. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who goes by the nickname "Golden Barbie" on social media, was rocking an orange thong bikini that put her curvy posterior on full display. Jasmine was sitting on the edge of her pool with her feet in the water. She had her back to the camera, but she was at an angle that provided a clear view of one of her slender thighs.

The side straps of the model's bottoms arched up high over her shapely hips, and the back scooped down to create a wide V shape. Her matching top had adjustable spaghetti straps that were placed wide on her shoulders to provide a clear view of her toned upper back. She briefly turned around at one point to reveal that the front of her top had a wide band underneath the bust and a scoop neck that showed a hint of cleavage.

Jasmine had her blond hair slicked back into a low bun. She appeared to be fresh-faced, and her skin had a gorgeous golden glow. The water droplets on her lower body were also making her legs and her peachy derriere glisten in the bright sunlight.

Jasmine was leaning over and holding her rescue pup, Kilo, in the water. The cute pooch seemed unsure about the wet stuff, but he made an awkward attempt at doggie paddling by splashing around a bit with his front legs.

Unfortunately for fans who were enjoying the view that Jasmine chose for her video, the swimming lesson didn't last very long. She let out a delighted squeal as she lifted Kilo out of the water and turned him loose near the edge of the pool.

Jasmine's Instagram video has received over 49,000 views so far, and her followers also had plenty to say about it in the comments section.

"I'm not looking at the pup," wrote makeup artist Priscilla Ono, who included a string of flame emoji in her remark to better illustrate her feelings about the video.

"There was a dog in this video?!" another commenter quipped.

"Where did that thickness come from! You snuck it up on us," another fan wrote.

One of Jasmine's followers also begged her for details about her workout routine and asked her about which supplements she takes.

"I don't take supplements just postmates but I'll post more workouts when I actually do them too!" Jasmine responded. "Not trying to post something like I'm not sitting on the couch. Just being honest."