'General Hospital' Down The Road Spoilers: Cameron & Trina Are Moving Forward

Cameron and Trina's relationship has taken a bit of a turn, as seen recently on General Hospital. They went from being best friends to something a little more. They already had their first kiss and that's when feelings started to bloom. Spoilers for the week of April 27 hint that these two may just end up exploring their newfound feelings toward each other.

General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps tease that the teens will be attempting to move forward. The spoilers didn't detail if that meant they would be moving forward with their relationship or moving forward with their lives just the way it was before their kiss. Cam has had special feelings for Josslyn for years, and Trina has been playing matchmaker before she and Cam were kidnapped by Cyrus' men. That incident left them with a special bond, and it sounds like they will both be dealing with their new feelings toward each other.

How will Josslyn handle her BFF's new relationship when she gets wind of it? Will she be happy for them? When Trina discovered how smitten Cameron was for Joss, she was happy for her friends, but the tables have now been turned.

Dev is also expected to reappear the same week, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will be suspicious about something. That seems to hint that Dev will see something or be suspicious of someone's behavior. That could very well be about his friends, Cam and Trina. Joss may also pick up on their behavior.

Fans are certainly up for a Trina and Cam pairing. They have chemistry between them, maybe even more so than with Josslyn. Only time will tell if things will work out for them or if they will suddenly figure out that they are better off as just being friends. That would leave things wide-open for a pairing between Cam and Joss.

Trina is currently going through a rough patch with her dad's supposed death to save her and Cam from the kidnappers. She has had many mixed feelings going on. Ava Jerome has been there for her to talk to, as well as her friends. She even told Ava about the kiss with Cameron, while he also told Franco about what happened with Trina.

Fans believe that Trina's dad, Marcus Taggert, is still alive and hiding out somewhere until Cyrus is taken down for good. That would bring a whole new perspective to her relationship with Cameron if that should prove to be true. Whether Cam and Trina give romance a shot or not, there is sure to be plenty of teen drama coming up on General Hospital.