Mom With Limited Wi-Fi Drives Children Daily To A Parking Lot With Internet Access So They Can Do Schoolwork

Tawana Brown, a mother of four from South Bend, Indiana, found a unique way to ensure her children have the Internet access they need to complete their school work throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Every day, her children pack into her van and she drives them to a nearby parking lot filled with school buses with Internet access that they can utilize for free, according to Today.

When quarantine began and Brown's children switched to virtual school, she realized she had a problem. She had Wi-Fi at home which she paid for based upon usage. However, she could not afford unlimited data which would be essential for her kids to complete their daily school work.

Determined to ensure her kids did not miss out, she decided to get creative. Because she had previously worked as a kitchen supervisor in one of her son's schools, she recalled that the buses had Internet access. This way, her kids could all access the Internet at once for free without it getting bogged down.

The Brown family arrives in the parking lot every day around 9:30 a.m. and stays there until about 11 a.m or whenever the children finish their schoolwork. The children, which include Ta'Nyi, Ta'Myra, Tyrin, and Tayden are all of various ages and school levels. Thus, it will take them all different lengths of time to complete their schoolwork. Their mother "keeps the peace" until everyone is finished.

Brown also started a family book club to help keep her kids' minds active during the quarantine.

"We're just doing what we can to try and make our day better," she said.

With virtual school and work becoming many people's new way of life for the foreseeable future, having good Internet is more crucial than ever. Brown is certainly not the only parent struggling during this time or unable to afford the Internet access they desperately need. Thus, South Bend Schools have now made their buses Internet access free to the public, even explaining how to easily access it.

"Bus Wi-Fi is now open to the public. Logon to SBCSC-Bus-Public, no password needed," the school system wrote in a recent tweet.

"I don't see anyone else out there. I hope other people will come out and take advantage of what South Bend is offering," Brown said of her daily trips to the parking lot.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, it's not clear when schools will be able to safely reopen again. However, Dr. Mehmet Oz has received major backlash after suggesting that due to only an expected 2-3 percent mortality rate, he felt that schools should reopen now.