John David & Abbie Duggar Dish On Their First Few Months Of Parenting Their Baby Girl Grace

It looks like John David and Abbie Duggar are settling right in with being first time parents to their baby girl, Grace Annette. She was born on January 7 and is already the sunshine of their lives. The Counting On stars recently dished on what life has been like for them as they are getting used to their new routine.

A video was posted on TLC's Facebook page for the show with John and Abbie talking about the things they love so far about being parents. The Duggar son said that his favorite part of being a dad is watching his wife being the best mom to their daughter. Abbie mentioned how much she loves to comfort and cuddle with Gracie when she cries. She also gushed on how "patient and so sweet" John David is to their little girl.

When it comes to sleeping, John David said that Grace is learning to snooze away despite all the noise around her. Coming from a huge family like the Duggars, he said that there is always noise and Grace has learned not to be too disturbed by it when they get together with their huge brood.

One thing that the new dad has learned so far about his daughter is that she can blow out quite well into her diaper. Sometimes the diaper holds up, but many times it has not. He seemed surprised at how much she could poop early on.

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For the video, John David is wearing a grey and white striped sweater, while Abbie has on a black and blue flannel shirt. Her blond curly locks are worn down around her shoulders with the sides pinned back away from her face. Gracie was not with them in the video clip, but they did show a couple of sweet photos of her.

The TLC stars just recently posted a milestone snapshot of the baby as she just turned 3 months old on April 7. They also shared a family Easter snap of the three of them all dressed up. Grace is seen in a pretty pastel dress with a bow on her head as John David has her in his arms. Abbie is standing behind them with a big smile on her face.

It's not known if they were getting together with family members or not for the holiday, but the other Duggars also dressed up despite not going to church. It seems that John David and Abbie Duggar may have just wanted to have that perfect first Easter photo with their daughter.