Katy Perry Mourns The Death Of Her Iconic Cat, Kitty Purry, 15 Years After She Took Her In

Katy Perry is mourning the death of her cat of more than 15 years.

The pregnant pop superstar shared the sad news on Instagram, where she told her 94 million followers about the passing of her beloved feline, the adorably named Kitty Purry.

In a slideshow posted to her social media page, Katy, 35, shared two throwback photos of her holding Kitty Purry and snuggling her, and another shot of her FaceTiming her longtime pet.

In the caption to the post, the "Teenage Dream" singer revealed that the then-pregnant cat crawled through her former boyfriend's window 15 years ago. The up-and-coming singer provided the stray cat with a home and a future status as an icon.

After telling fans that Kitty "completed her 9th life last night," Katy offered hopes of a catnip heaven, and she thanked her furry friend for all of the "cuddles and companionship " over the years. She also thanked her brother David Hudson and Gareth Walters for co-parenting the long-haired tabby with her.

In comments to the post, fans and famous friends including Kris Jenner and singer Sarah Hudson reacted to the sad news.

"Love you Kitty Purry," wrote costumed designer Johnny Wujek. "You're a legend and you will FUR sure live on in us all."

"Rip to a major feline icon," wrote Instagram funny lady Lauren Servideo. "Hope she is rolling in catnip at the rainbow bridge rn."

"LEGENDS NEVER DIE.," added fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

Other fans offered condolences to the American Idol judge and noted that Kitty Purry is the best pet name ever.

Katy's love for Kitty Purry is well-known by her fans. The legendary cat even made a memorable cameo at the end of the singer's lyric video for her 2013 hit "Roar," according to People. The tabby also inspired two of Perry's fragrances, and the singer named a lipstick shade after the cat when she launched her makeup line for Cover Girl a few years ago.

Surprisingly, in a 2013 interview with Jetset magazine, Katy revealed that she was actually allergic to cats and only had dogs growing up.

"I didn't really understand cats until my first cat, Kitty Purry walked into my life and wouldn't leave," the singer explained.

"I had to get to know her, be patient with her. I was interested in all her little characteristics and idiosyncrasies."
Katy is such a cat person today that her fans are known as Katy Cats.