Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Sam Has Regrets & Crosses Paths With Her Sister's Secret Guy

This upcoming week on General Hospital has plenty of drama in store. Sam has been forced to live without Jason Morgan, at least for now, but that hasn't stopped them from sneaking in a little time together whenever they can. The week of April 20 will see Sam interacting with Alexis once again, only this time she is expected to offer up an apology for the way she treated her mother a few weeks ago.

According to General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central, Sam will confront Alexis and let her know how bad she feels for the way she treated her. Her words definitely stung Alexis at that time, which led to her taking a drink after being sober for a few years. Sam will apologize to her, and it's very likely that Alexis will accept the apology. Sam has no idea that their disagreement led Alexis to the bar for a drink. There is no indication in the spoilers whether Alexis will offer up that information, but it's highly unlikely since she wants to keep it quiet.

Alexis has always given her opinions on how Sam lives her life, especially when it comes to Jason. She notes that she doesn't want her daughter to do anything to risk her going back to prison and being away from her kids. Unfortunately, Sam hasn't stayed away from Jason until recently, when he told her that they needed to think of Danny and Scout first. Alexis will be happy to hear that.

However, the two accidentally met up at Violet's birthday party last week on General Hospital. Jason told Danny that he won't be able to be around him and his mom for a while.

In addition to meeting up with Alexis, Sam will also be crossing paths with Brando Corbin. The new guy in town has been given a stamp of approval by both Sonny and Jason, and now has his own auto repair shop set up. It's not indicated whether she ends up at the shop, but her sister Molly sure did a few days ago.

Sam has no idea that Corbin and Molly had a one-night fling, when they were interrupted by her knocking on the door to tell Molly that TJ was found beaten up pretty bad. Will Sam suspect something is up when she meets with Corbin this week?

Sam is having a hard time staying away from the man she loves. Not having any distractions to keep her from dwelling on her recent plight may be too much for her. Unless her parole officer has a change of heart, it could be a long two years for her and Jason.