Michelle Obama And Laura Bush Come Together To Deliver Message Of Hope Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Former first ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush came together to deliver a message of hope amid the coronavirus pandemic, appearing as part of a worldwide event to support people during this trying time.

The two were seen at the same time on Saturday's One World: Together at Home televised special from Global Citizen, from their respective homes and thanking those who are making sacrifices during the crisis. Together, they showed gratitude for healthcare workers and other essential employees who have put their safety at risk to help deliver important services to Americans isolating in their homes during the pandemic.

Bush thanked all those workers who have stepped up in the world's time of crisis.

"And we're thankful for our pharmacists, the veterinarians, the police officers, the sanitation workers, and those of you working in grocery stories [sic], or delivering food and supplies to our homes," Bush said. "You are the fabric of our country, and your strength will carry us through this crisis."

Obama noted that there will be more sacrifices ahead, but that people would be able to pull through with the help and support of others navigating the same crisis.

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Although the coming days will not be easy, "this global family of ours is strong," she said. "We will continue to be here for one another and we will get through this crisis together."

Both Bush and Obama have remained active in global causes since leaving the White House, and the two families have forged a friendship despite political differences.

Michelle Obama has already taken part in other efforts to help Americans who are practicing social distancing and missing out on many traditional forms of entertainment during the crisis. Last month, she appeared with DJ D-Nice during an Instagram live event, and the two later worked together for a digital voter registration drive and virtual dance party.

Saturday's event was broadcast by major television networks and featured performances by a number of musicians and entertainers, including Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Lizzo.

Global Citizen noted that the message from the multi-hour digital and broadcast event was that everyone must come together to tackle the worldwide health crisis, and that each person can take action to support response efforts. The event highlighted many of the actions already taking place to combat the virus, and it also included important messages from health experts around the world.