AEW News: Dustin Rhodes Says He’ll Retire If He Doesn’t Beat Next ‘Dynamite’ Opponent

Dustin Rhodes appears on WWE television.
Simon Hofmann / Getty Images

The next episode of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite will feature two TNT Championship tournament matches. Darby Allin will fight Sammy Guevara, while Dustin Rhodes will take on Kip Sabian. While the championship tournament is a highly anticipated contest in its own right, Rhodes has added higher stakes to his match.

As documented by Cageside Seats, AEW released a teaser clip for the next episode of the Road to… series. The clip features a phone message from Rhodes to his brother, Cody, in which he states that he will retire if he can’t overcome his younger opponent.

Rhodes’ revelation caused some of his colleagues to share their thoughts on the matter. His sister-in-law, Brandi Rhodes, took to her own social media account to let the veteran know that she has his back, which could be handy for the 51-year-old as Sabian will have a heel valet by his side.

“I think you still have it in you @dustinrhodes. You’re in the best shape of your life. Yes @TheKipSabian is a top contender. Yes @thePenelopeFord is crafty. But I’m in your corner Chicken. I’m not letting you go down without the fight of your life. Let’s go!”

Chris Jericho was less optimistic about Rhodes’ chances, revealing that he’s looking forward to calling the star’s final match. Jericho has been serving as a color commentator on recent episodes of Dynamite, and his post about Rhodes confirms that he’ll continue to lend his personality to the headset on the next show.

Jim Ross and Tony Khan both encouraged Rhodes to think his decision through, while Taz said that the veteran is currently the best he’s ever been and hopes Wednesday won’t be his last match.

Sabian, meanwhile, is looking forward to being the competitor who has Rhodes’ final match, and he’s confident about his chances of winning the bout.

“Cry me a river…. Well, guess it’s going to be a nice milestone sending @dustinrhodes off into the sunset. You’ve had a great career, enjoy the last few days of being a pro wrestler Copper Bill.”

“Copper Bill” is a reference to Rhodes’ last acting role. Perhaps Sabian believes that “The Natural” should concentrate on his new career and put wrestling behind him. However, Rhodes doesn’t appear to be entering the match with the intention of losing.

It’s highly unlikely that Rhodes would retire with this short notice, but this stipulation does make the match more interesting. Of course, Sabian is a young superstar with a lot of potential, and perhaps the company wants to give him the rub of retiring a legend.