Jordyn Woods Showcases Her Cleavage In Unzipped Ensemble

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Jordyn Woods wowed her 11.5 million Instagram followers with one of her most recent posts, sharing a three-photo slideshow of herself wearing a sultry, unzipped one-piece.

In the first photo, Jordyn sat in a cushioned chair and looked directly at the camera as she posed with one leg over the other. She rested one arm on the arm of the chair while her other arm draped over her lap with her hand on her thigh. She positioned herself sideways, which showcased her curvy derriere.

Her skintight, black one-piece slid off one shoulder and flaunted just a hint of her cleavage.

In the second image, Jordyn crossed her arms and looked at the lens with serious bedroom eyes. Her mouth was slightly ajar, her pearly white teeth sparkling in the light. The outfit was unzipped even more and fell further down her shoulder.

The third snapshot was the most risqué of all, with the garment unzipped past her chest. She pressed her arms against her bust, which only served to further emphasize her ample cleavage. She playfully stuck out her tongue.

She paired the look with several pieces of jewelry. She wore a necklace with dainty diamonds hanging from it as well as several rings on her fingers. Her wrist glittered with a gold Cartier “Love” bracelet, along with other bangles. Multiple earrings dotted her ears.

Jordyn’s long, ombre tresses were deeply parted and covered part of one eye, giving her a Jessica Rabbit look. Her locks transitioned from a dark brown into a lighter, caramel color. Her straight strands swung over one shoulder and tumbled down her chest.

Her brows arched high over her honey brown eyes. She wore a mocha-colored shimmer on her lids and icy white highlighter under her brow bone. Her lashes were coated with black mascara. Her cheeks were contoured and brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop. She wore a pink gloss on her lips that glinted in the light.

At the time of this writing, the Instagram slideshow racked up more than 430,000 likes and received 1,700 comments from followers eager to tell Jordyn how much they loved her latest look.

“Ugh can she stop being so pretty?” one fan asked rhetorically.

“Just RUIN MY LIFE ALREADY,” joked another in all-caps.

“You always so LIT!” complimented a third social media user, punctuating their comment with three flame emoji.

“Your hair is so beautiful!” exclaimed a fourth follower. “This is your look!”