WWE News: Lana Takes Major Shot At Rusev Following His Release

Rusev screams at Lana

Rusev was arguably the most notable WWE superstar to be included in the company’s mass releases this week, but his real-life wife didn’t show him any sympathy. Following the news that “The Bulgarian Brute” had been let go, Lana took to Twitter and criticized him.

“The Ravishing Russian” shared a video which shows Rusev humiliating Lana on an episode of Monday Night Raw. According to Lana, she wants people to remember what Rusev is really like, given the outpouring of support and sympathy that’s been sent his way since losing his job.

The response to the tweet was incredibly divisive. Some of her followers praised her for keeping kayfabe alive with her heel-ish tweet, while others claimed that she was insensitive for taking advantage of such a terrible situation.

Of course, given that Lana and Rusev are actually married, it’s highly likely that he approved of her tweet. With Lana not expected to be released in the foreseeable future, she still has a character to play in WWE, and this is a great way for her to get more heat from the WWE Universe.

Prior to his WWE release, Rusev and Lana were enemies on WWE television. Lana made her return to WWE television last October and announced that she’d been cheating on him with Bobby Lashley. This resulted in one of the most controversial and divisive storylines in recent memory, with Lana being portrayed as one of the top villains in the entire company.

Furthermore, Rusev is one of the superstars who doesn’t appear to be too worried about losing his job. As noted by WhatCulture, the former superstar pledged $20,000 of his own money to help some of the other employees who lost their jobs during the mass cuts.

Rusev’s future was also in doubt prior to his release. The former United States Champion hadn’t signed a new contract, and he’s often been vocal about his desire to leave WWE. He might see this release as a blessing in disguise, and if he can help his wife’s character get more over in the process, it’s a win-win situation.

Rusev won’t be able to join another company for at least three months, but he has plenty of options waiting for him. Despite the circumstances pertaining to his release, he — and other released superstars — must adhere to the 90-day non-compete clause that applies to all performers who get let go before their contract expires.