Anonymous Veteran Pays $40,000 For A Bottle Of Bourbon To Help A Struggling Restaurant Group

Helen Storms

Suzanne and Roger Perry, who own Datz Restaurant Group in Tampa, Florida, have struggled to pay their employees in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, an anonymous veteran stepped up to offer them a helping hand financially by purchasing a valuable bottle of bourbon, according to CNN.

Suzanne and Roger simply weren't making the revenue they needed to keep their restaurant group afloat and support their employees. They decreased their working staff from 400 employees to just 27, but even then they were struggling. In a desperate move, they decided to sell the most valuable bottle of liquor they had in their stock, a 25-year-old bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon.

They checked to see what the price should be online and saw that this product would typically sell for $17,000 to $26,000. They decided to set the price at $20,000 hoping that the extra funds would help them get back on their feet.

The couple began receiving offers but none were for anything near what the bottle was actually worth. Despite how much they needed the money, Suzanne and Rodger didn't cave.

"I was selling it in order to maintain my staff for a few more weeks until we can get through this and figure it out so I didn't entertain any of those low-ball offers," Suzanne said.

Then the couple received a call from a couple that often dines with them. The husband wanted to purchase the bourbon.

"A woman called and I spoke to her husband. He's a veteran. He appreciates bourbon and he wanted to add it in his collection and they decided that they would purchase it. We were very happy about that," Suzanne recalled.

Instead of purchasing the bourbon online, the man said he wanted to drop off a cashiers check in person. But when he dropped off the check it was written for $40,000, double the price of the bottle. Suzanne asked him if there had been a mistake but the anonymous man told her to keep it.

"I was so moved by that. It was really touching that someone would reach so far into their own pocket to help us survive this," Suzanne said of the gesture.

The gesture touched both Suzanne and Roger, who pledge to pay it forward in any way they can when the pandemic is over.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, many people are stepping up to help others during this time. For example, actor Tyler Perry recently picked up the grocery bills for seniors at 73 different grocery stores across two different states.