Teenage Cashier Pays For The Grocery Tab Of An Elderly Man Low On Cash

Elizabeth Taylor, a 17-year-old grocery store employee at the Fresh N' Low supermarket in Georgetown, Tennessee, is warming hearts with her kind gesture toward an older man. When a senior shopper named Layne McKeel found himself low on cash, Taylor paid for his entire grocery bill, according to Yahoo! Finance.

McKeel had been staying inside, trying to keep himself safe in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. However, he recently received a disability check and needed to use it to buy some groceries for himself. However, when he got up to the counter and heard his total, he realized he did not have enough money with him. He was $33 short.

"When she said it was $173, I said 'Oh no' and I pulled my wallet out and I only had $140," McKeel recalled.

The elderly man began to collect the items he could not afford to place them back on the shelf but Taylor intervened. Instead of just paying what McKeel was lacking, she paid the whole tab, making the man's day.

As a grocery store employee working throughout the pandemic, Taylor has seen firsthand the unfair struggles the elderly have had to go through while simply trying to pick up essential items. Due to stockpiling and panic buying, many items are not available or are hard to find by the time the elderly are able to get to the store. Thus, she decided to take it upon herself to help out, she explained.

"It was all essential stuff so I was just like you know, and he was like what do I owe you? And I was like no, it's fine, I'll take care of it, it's okay. We've seen a lot of older people, and they're all trying to buy groceries and a lot of places have ran out of stuff, and so the older people are kind of taking the downfall for that. I just try to give back when I can."
McKeel was incredibly appreciative of the girl's kind gesture, emphasizing that her generosity brightened his day.

"She's just a little angel is what she was. You know, just the light of day," he said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, young people across the nation are stepping up to help in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many of them offering assistance to the elderly. The organization Meals on Wheels has had a spike in college student volunteers offering to deliver meals to the elderly unable to leave their homes.