WWE News: Jon Moxley Comments On Mass Releases, Discusses 'Getting It On' With Renee Young

Kieran Fisher

Earlier this week, WWE released several superstars and employees, and the company-wide culling is still happening at the time of this writing. The recent developments have polarized the wrestling community, and some talents have expressed their sympathy for the released parties, while others have defended WWE's decision for business reasons. However, former WWE superstar Jon Moxley has added his name to the list of sympathetic performers.

As quoted by Wrestling Inc, Moxley recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Live and shared his thoughts on the current WWE situation. The All Elite Wrestling World Champion said that his "heart goes out" to those who have lost their jobs, while also revealing that he's grateful to be in a comfortable place right now.

"I'm feeling very fortunate. I was not, or I will not, for a second feel sorry for myself, like poor me, during this craziness because I've got it pretty good, all things considered. I'm just stuck in the house with my wife [Renee Young], who is my favorite person to hang out with anyway."

During the interview, Moxley went on to say that he's spent the lockdown with Young, watching films, cooking, and "getting it on all over the house." Moxley appeared to be happy about having some downtime with his wife, and given that AEW hasn't released any employees during the pandemic, he probably isn't in any danger of becoming a free agent any time soon.

The current coronavirus pandemic has left the wrestling business -- and other professions -- facing some economic uncertainty. Hundreds of WWE jobs are expected to be cut, as the company takes precautions to survive the crisis. It remains to be seen how WWE and AEW will be affected in the coming months, but Moxley appears to be optimistic for now and enjoying his time at home.