Two Inmates Flee Jail In Texas, Are Considered ‘Dangerous’

Two inmates managed to flee from jail during a daring escape in Texas early this morning, according to local authorities. Both men have been referred to as “dangerous,” prompting officials to put area schools on lockdown and businesses on notice.

According to police, 44-year-old Brian Allen Tucker and 39-year-old John Marlin King escaped from Hopkins County Jail at approximately 8:30 am. Tucker was reportedly incarcerated pending trial on capital murder charges while the second inmate was being held for evading arrest.

Authorities believe the prisoners escaped from the Sulpher Springs facility through a gate on the property during a recreation period.

Deputy Alvin Jordan explained:

“They were put out on rec yard to have outside rec and undoubtedly squeezed through the gate and took off. We did find their black and whites about 100 yards behind the facility.”

“Both are considered dangerous,” Jordan added.

Brian Tucker has been described as a white male, approximately 5-foot-7-inches tall, weighing in at roughly 170 pounds. He reportedly has brown hair and eyes and sports several tattoos.

John King is described as a white male, measuring 5-foot-8-inches and 165 pounds. He has black hair and hazel eyes and also has multiple tattoos.

Many details following the escape remain unclear including the clothing the inmates may have changed into after fleeing the jail or if either man is armed at this time.

A massive manhunt is currently underway to recapture the escapees. A perimeter has been established around the area, and deputies are searching the nearby woods for any evidence of the suspects. In addition, a helicopter has been dispatched to comb the area for signs of the men.

Police have cautioned residents, who may identify one or both of the escaped criminals, to keep a safe distance and alert emergency services immediately. “If they’re spotted, make sure they lock their doors, call 911 and tell us what area they’re in,” explains Deputy Jordan. “Don’t try to let them approach you.”

Police are unsure if the prisoners remained together following their escape. At this time, it’s believed that the inmates had no prior connection before fleeing the jail.

[Top image via Shutterstock]