Sommer Ray Flaunts Toned Physique In Black Sports Bra And Patterned Shorts For Latest Quarantine Vlog

Sommer Ray gave fans a new glimpse at how she's been working on her fitness while in quarantine in the latest video on her Instagram page. Dressed in a black sports bra and patterned shorts, the popular social media influencer started the vlog by telling her fans that she was filming at her home gym and getting ready for a workout. Her shorts featured floral prints and mesh inserts. After chatting for a while and popping a stick of bubble gum into her mouth, she said she'd be starting her workout with a new resistance band that she's about to stock in her shop. The band was padded, and Sommer explained that this design feature was meant to make it more comfortable to use.

Sommer placed the band around her knees and proceeded to complete a set of jump squats as her warm-up. Then she brought out a bright pink Bosu ball for some lateral lunges. Next, she moved on to the leg press machine, but instead of shooting herself doing exercises, she showed off her black sneakers and explained that the shoes were waterproof. The footwear is also from her activewear brand.

Then she put the band around her knees once more for a set of squats into overhead presses with a set of dumbbells. After dancing a bit to her playlist, she moved on to banded leg raises which were interrupted with spurts of hip gyrations as well.

In her caption, Sommer wrote that her workouts normally include a lot of dancing and asked her fans to "ignore" her makeup-free face. She also shared that her sports bra and shorts are from her collection at Sommer Ray's Shop.

The video has amassed over 1 million views since its upload, and more than 1000 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans expressed their appreciation for Sommer's beauty and personality.

"Love u gorgeous!!!" one Instagram user wrote before adding a flexed bicep and red heart emoji to her comment. "Keeping it 100% real goofy and yoooself."

"You are honestly so beautiful," another Instagram user added.

"No I'm not going to ignore that no makeup because you still look insanely beautiful," a third supporter gushed.

And a fourth fan declared that they had shown their support by purchasing her merch.

"I just bought the new bikini line!!! Can't wait to wear," they added before including a red heart in their comment as well. "Love you gorgeous!"