WWE News: Legendary Former Superstar Discusses Not Being Valued By Company, Says He Lost His ‘Passion’

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WWE is often criticized for not giving opportunities to talented performers, which sometimes causes talents to become unhappy in the company. One superstar who experienced this hardship in the past is current All Elite Wrestling star Dustin Rhodes, who competed in WWE as Goldust.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Rhodes opened up about his unhappiness in WWE during the latest episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast. According to the veteran, he was tired of being underutilized by the company, revealing that he wasn’t being given “the time of day,” despite having plenty to offer the product.

“I’d had enough, I said enough was enough and for the first time I kind of stood up for myself in a big way and said, ‘I am quitting. I am asking you for my release, I’m done, I’m not happy here anymore.’ And you know how they make you kind of wait it out? It was getting very close to Double or Nothing, and Cody called me. He said ‘would you like to work a match with me?'”

Rhodes then went on to discuss his match against his half-brother at AEW’s inaugural pay-per-view, which many pundits cited as one of the best matches of 2019. According to Rhodes, Cody had pitched the match to WWE officials several times throughout the years, only to be rejected by the company because the officials didn’t believe it would be a big enough draw.

Rhodes also revealed that he had worries entering the match with Cody as he wasn’t sure that he still had what it takes. According to the veteran, he feared that the AEW crowd wouldn’t respond positively to him, as he’d spent so much time in WWE. However, he ended up showing the world that he could still go, and perhaps even made WWE officials regret their decision to not feature him more when they’d had the chance.

While discussing his time in WWE, Rhodes opened up about losing his passion for the business. He said that he was being paid to sit at home, and it was the only time during his 31-year career where he wasn’t in love with the sport. However, AEW appears to have revitalized his passion for the business.

This isn’t the first time that Rhodes has criticized WWE in regards to his last run with the company. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he once compared his time there as being akin to serving time in prison.