'The Bachelorette' Fans Are Still Rooting For Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron, Even Sending Him Money For A Ring

Fans of Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette are not giving up hope that the two will give romance another shot. Hannah spent some time in Florida with Tyler and his friends recently, and as a result, some people are apparently sending him money earmarked for an engagement ring for her.

According to Refinery29, this fun and juicy development emerged via a look at Tyler's Venmo account. His page is public and numerous fans of the show have been sending him money in recent days. Some throwing some money his way and are thanking him for the entertainment he and his fellow "Quarantine Crew" members are providing. However, it looks as if quite a few are rooting for something even bigger than more TikTok videos from the group.

Although Hannah is currently in Alabama with her parents and her brother, she has remained connected with Tyler and the rest of the crew via social media. They reference one another frequently and have done some TikTok duets and tributes to one another. It's clear that Hannah is still on good terms with Tyler and the rest of the group.

For now, both Hannah and Tyler are insisting they are just good friends. However, it seems that The Bachelorette viewers either aren't entirely convinced or think there is, again, still plenty of potential for something more than just friendship.

Refinery reveals that this Venmo trend has built over the past week or so. The dollar amounts aren't shown as people send funds to Tyler, but the notes they include are public.

The Bachelorette fans have pointed out that they know that engagement rings are expensive, so they are trying to help build the fund for Tyler to buy one. They have encouraged him to get something sparkly, and they almost always note that they have Hannah in mind as the engagement ring recipient.

Neither Tyler or Hannah have acknowledged this wild trend via their social media pages at this point. It's not clear what Tyler is actually doing with those donations attached to notes saying that the payment is for an engagement ring. However, those sending this money certainly are well aware that this is all in fun and isn't really for a ring fund.

For now, The Bachelorette viewers will have to keep hoping and watching social media to see if anything more develops between Hannah and Tyler. Some are even speculating that she might head back down to Florida now that she's spent Easter with her family. That may not be the case, but that doesn't seem to be stopping "Tannah" fans from hoping these two will eventually fall in love again.