Woman Marries The Man Who Protected Her During The Tragic Las Vegas Shooting, Says 'We Needed Each Other'

Chantal Melanson and Austin Monfort spent one of their first dates at the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas in October of 2017. The concert ended tragically with a mass shooting. Melanson recently married Monfort, whom she credits for protecting her throughout the ordeal. The shooting brought the pair together and made them inseparable, according to Complex.

Melanson, who is 29-years-old, met 24-year-old Monfort at a bar the night before the shooting. The pair ended up hitting it off and decided that they would go to the concert together the next day. What they did not know at the time was that their lives would be changed forever at the concert when Stephen Paddock opened fire upon the concert goers from his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Melanson recalled the horrific moment that she and Monfort tried to shelter themselves from the bullets.

"We thought it was fireworks at the beginning since all big concerts usually have some kind of fireworks, however when it wasn't stopping, everyone dropped to the ground. We were on the ground across from each other so we both were looking at each other. We stayed on the ground for a while and the shots were not stopping."
Upon the realization that a shooting was taking place, the group that the couple had been with scattered in all directions in an attempt to seek shelter. However, Monfort did not leave Melanson's side. He protected her, guiding her to safety."He held me throughout the night and kept me safe. After what we had just gone through, he was my safe place," she said.

The pair, as well as their friends, all survived the shooting without injuries. Melanson believes that the pair were meant to meet right before this tragedy to offer one another support and comfort.

"There was a reason we met when we did. We needed each other in this chaos," she said.

The pair are already legally married, but are hoping to hold a big wedding ceremony in Las Vegas with all their friends and family once the coronavirus pandemic has passed and it is safe enough to do so.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the coronavirus has put a wrench in many wedding plans, causing some engaged couples to postpone their big day altogether. Others have opted to take things into their own hands. One New Orleans couple married on their front porch with just their neighbors as wedding guests.