Teens Love Jennifer Lawrence Too! [Video]

I’ve only encountered one person in the universe who doesn’t LOVE Jennifer Lawrence.

The growing list of people who love Jennifer Lawrence following her Oscar win has extended way beyond her family, Jack Nicholson, Harry Styles, Russell Brand, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry, and the ever-so-hateful Westboro Baptist Church.

Now the popular Teens React show on YouTube has joined the J-Law love train, and the reactions of the teenagers give us all another opportunity to see Jennifer do that charming thing she does so well.

“Teens React to Jennifer Lawrence” features the following teenagers: Tori, age 14, Eric, age 15, Ethan, age 15, Britney, age 16, Labib, age 16, Lia, age 16, Rachel, age 16, Adam, age 17, Regi, age 17, Ethan James, age 18, and Jade, age 18.

The range of love J-Law receives from the teens, runs from mild to intense with Jade clearly loving her most.

Even the teens to aren’t as effusive in their verbal expression of Jennifer love, can’t help but grin as she trips on the way up the Oscar stage, accepts the award, and then responds to press questions back stage.

Teens React is a new media production of TheFineBros, and it won the Streamy Award for Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series in 2013.