‘The War Z’ Faces Multiple Hacker Problems

The War Z has been the victim of hacker problems since its Steam launch.

The War Z has seen its share of problems since its inception. The creators of World War Z have had the game’s trademark suspended for using too similar a title to the zombie film starring Brad Pitt. Apparently the trademark application was too similar in content.

Trademark issues aside, Hammerpoint Interactive‘s zombie game was also pulled from Steam for not delivering everything they promised would be in the game. There are some who would say this would have helped keep Tomb Raider III from becoming the first of many let-downs in the franchise, as it promised gameplay elements that hadn’t made it in the actual game.

It seems The War Z is in a war of its own, battling for its own existence.

At the time of its initial takedown from Steam, The War Z was also butting heads with the similarly-titled DayZ, and lost its chance to steal the buggy early mod’s thunder in the midst of consumer let-down.

The War Z has finally had everything fixed and added the way the consumers demanded, but its second Steam launch has suffered yet another problem within a month of its re-release. An April Fools prank caused Steam to be shut down after hackers attacked the download site.

The Steam servers have since returned, but the forums are still down, replaced with an apology from the administrators coupled with the announcement of further investigations. Steam users are urged to change their passwords, as user emails have been accessed and may be used toward further fraudulent activity.

The creators of DayZ have encountered hacking at every turn, and some consider it an odd coincidence that the mod would be encountering problems similar to The War Z.

The War Z just can’t get a break, it seems.

What are your thoughts on the problems faced by The War Z?