Rick Sutcliffe Willing To Give Up Half His Salary If It Means Baseball Can Be Played This Season

While Major League Baseball looks for ways to try and have a 2020 season, Rick Sutcliffe is so desperate that he's offering up his salary as an incentive. The former Chicago Cubs pitcher recently talked to NBC Sports Chicago and is pulling out an old trick in order to try and get sports rolling again this year.

"I've talked with a lot of people, players, the association, owners, presidents, and GMs," Sutcliffe said. "It's a great opportunity for everybody to just open their arms and do whatever it takes. If I'm a player and I've got to give up half my salary, I'll do it."

Sutcliffe later added that he's willing to do with his salary as a broadcaster from ESPN. The reason the former Cubs' great wants a return to sports so badly is that he truly believes it's what the country needs. He said working and doing whatever anyone needs to do in order to get the season done is as important as anything in baseball right now.

This isn't the first time Sutcliffe has offered to take a hit financially to try to make something happen. Back when he was pitching for the Cubs in 1987, he offered to take a $100,000 salary cut so the team could sign outfielder Andre Dawson.

Rick Sutcliffe throws a pitch for the Chicago Cubs
Getty Images | Jonathan Daniel

The team did sign the slugger, who went on to win the NL MVP award that season.

It's not entirely clear what Sutcliffe thinks cuts in pay, either for players or broadcasters, would accomplish in this instance. The season is not on hold because MLB is short on cash. Baseball, like every other sport in the country and most of the world, is suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak. Safety, not cost, tops the list of reasons why the regular season hasn't started yet.

MLB is clearly trying to find a solution so that Sutcliffe's wish becomes reality. There was talk that the league was looking at holding games at spring training sites in Arizona. Another plan involved all of Major League Baseball flying out to Japan and playing the season there.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently gave an interview where he said he hoped something can be worked out, though he believed one of the keys to getting it done would be to make sure there are no fans in the stands.

Sutcliffe seems like he'd be fine with that idea, as long as the games can be played in 2020.