Stephen Colbert shows off shiny new iPad at the Grammys

If you watch the Colbert Report, you know that Stephen's been begging for an iPad all week (I think he finagled an iPhone that way), sometimes just looking into the camera and saying, "I want an iPad. Give me one."

During the Grammy's last night, it appeared Stephen got his wish. No word on whether it was just a loner like those fancy Harry Winston necklaces or he gets to keep the thing, but Colbert produced one after pretending to misplace his envelope bearing the name of the winner for "Song of the Year." He casually asked Jay-Z if Hovito didn't get one in his giftbag, before asking his daughter in the audience if she finally thought her dad was cool. (She nodded no.)

Below is a clip of the iPad Grammy debut, and since the ending is cut off- Beyonce won best song, for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it.)" Kanye was nowhere in sight.