Google April Fool’s Jokes 2013 Include Google Nose, YouTube Shutdown, Gmail Blue

Google April Fool’s jokes upped the ante for 2013, featuring full-on ad campaigns and videos promoting this year’s brand of tech craziness.

One of the big April Fool’s jokes that fooled many was the idea that Peter Dinkledge was quitting Game of Thrones and being replaced with Warwick Davis. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Google April Fool’s jokes were even more popular.

The Google Nose April Fool’s joke claimed that Google “leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available.” Scratch and sniff books were said to be one way to use Google Nose along with a self-driving new car smell. Funnily enough, this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) actually featured a device called the Game Skunk that would allow you to smell your video games. No joke.

The Google April Fool’s jokes continued with the YouTube shutdown, with a YouTube video hosted by various stars explaining YouTube is shutting down for 10 years in order to select a winner for a contest. People left comments indicating they were worried about the jobs being lost at YouTube.

The least funny of the Google April Fool’s jokes includes Gmail Blue. The idea was for Gmail to be completely colored blue, which is probably making fun of either Windows Blue, which is a real product, or the color choices of Facebook. The search giant also announced Google Treasure Maps for Google Maps users.


One recent even was not a Google April Fool’s joke, but it sure felt like it to some people. Google ignored Easter for the 13th year in a row and instead celebrated Cesar Chavez day. The Google Doodle for Easter 2013 featured not Jesus Christ, or even the Easter Bunny, but Big Labor icon Cesar Chavez. Some people think it’s not just simply a matter of Google promoting historical literacy of lesser known events and people because Google apparently has not missed other national holidays like the “day of the dead” for many years.

What was your favorite of the Google April Fool’s Jokes?