Teenager Invents "Cave Texting" Underground Low Frequency Radio

James Johnson

Teenagers seem to fall on two sides of the spectrum these days, lazy gamers who love to partake in sexting and crazy smart geniuses who shun old technologies by creating their own. Alexander Kendrick falls into that second category, inventing a low-frequency radio that has revolutionized "deep underground texting.

The technology which is used for "cave-texting" which basically means the ability to text while in deep underground caverns, works up to 946 feet (possibly further but that's as far down as his team could get). That distance is enough to set a new record in the United States for the deepest known digital commuincation.

Alexander is seen in the picture above holding up the collapsible radio, there is also already a build occurring that would make it rugged and small than the current model, an important factor for cave explorers and rescue teams looking for people among rubble and in underground caverns. [SlashDot]