Britney Spears Flaunts Toned Tummy In Crop Top, Calls Justin Timberlake A 'Genius' While Dancing To 'Filthy'

Britney Spears spiced up her Instagram timeline on Wednesday with a flirtatious new video of herself dancing to "Filthy" by Justin Timberlake. The pop princess flaunted her toned tummy in an off-the-shoulder crop top and tiny white shorts while twirling around on her deck.

Britney and Justin famously dated the early 2000s after they met on The Mickey Mouse Club as kids. She poked fun at the fact they had "one of the world's biggest breakups 20 years ago."

Britney apparently still thinks very highly of Justin, calling him a "genius" in her caption.

Aside from reminiscing on her past, Britney also wrote that she wasn't really "dancing" in the video, she was just very bored in quarantine. She joked that the video clip is her version of Snapchat or TikTok or "whatever cool thing" everyone else is doing right now, referring to the popular trend of choreographed TikTok dances making the rounds online.

For the first part of the video, Britney makes several funny faces into the camera, including sticking her tongue out, laughing, and wrinkling her nose. She then does a few body rolls and twirls.

In the second half of the video clip, the singer appeared on a different part of the porch. She continued her dancing, mixing in some of her signature dance moves with other random movements. She also teasingly pulled her shorts down a little bit while moving, giving fans a peek at her hip tattoo and the one on her lower back.

Aside from her crop top showing off her flat stomach, the "Slumber Party" singer also flashed her shapely lean legs. She tied her curly blond locks into a high ponytail and accessorized with a black choker. The pink straps of her bra were also visible.

To complete her look, Britney wore a full face of makeup that included heavily lined eyes, mascara, and bright pink lipstick.

Her fans went wild over the Instagram video, both because she looked fantastic and because she called her famous ex-boyfriend a genius while dancing to one of his songs. Many were shocked to hear Britney mention Justin for the first time in ages. Within a half-hour, her video racked up over 212,000 views.

"Blogs are already plotting their outrageous stories.... you keep having fun and looking cute tho!!" wrote Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Earlier on Wednesday, Britney clapped back at her Instagram haters with a lengthy message slamming the people leaving mean and insulting comments on her posts.