Wendy Williams Cries While On Air At The Thought Of Dying Alone Due To The Coronavirus

Wendy Williams got visibly emotional during her April 13 show after interviewing comedian Michael Yo who tested positive for COVID-19. Yo explained that while he was in the hospital getting treated, he saw people dying alone of the coronavirus. This thought brought Williams to tears, according to Hollywood Life.

Yo, who is only 45 years old and is in otherwise good health, was struck down hard by the coronavirus. After exhibiting symptoms, his condition continued to decrease and he was diagnosed with both COVID-19 as well as pneumonia. He spent eight days suffering in the ICU and the things he saw there were horrifying. He was most disturbed by the fact that those infected are not able to have the comfort of their loved ones because visitors are not allowed.

"One thing I saw in the hospital, I know in the hospital, people die alone and that was the worst thing. No one, Wendy, no one deserves to die alone," he said via video chat.

Williams struggled to get through the rest of the interview as emotion overcame her.

"That thing about dying alone, I can't even — that is unbearable, and yesterday was Easter," she said through tears.

Luckily, Yo will beat coronavirus. While doctors did discover through an x-ray that there is still some fluid in his lungs, he is making a recovery and has been discharged from the hospital. His wife Claire Schreiner and his son Oliver have both had fevers but have exhibited no other symptoms. Yo was the only person in his family that was able to get tested for COVID-19.

Williams says she has been affected personally by the coronavirus, even though she remains in good health. The pandemic has helped her to realize that she needs to be less judgemental towards others, as she does not always know their circumstances.

"I'm done judging couples and why they love each other. There's certain reasons for relationships and there's certain reasons for why people do things the way they do… I'm over it. This virus has really put just a little piece of virus on my judgement-ality, even though their business is our business," she said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, studio production for The Wendy Williams Show had to be halted in an effort to protect the safety of her team. However, she is still filming the show from home at her New York City apartment. The show is quite similar to the content she filmed previously, just without a studio audience.