Indiana Firefighter Checks His Bank Account For Stimulus Check But Discovers $8.2 Million

Charles Calvin, a firefighter from New Chicago, Indiana, was recently stunned when he checked his bank balance to see if he had received his $1,700 stimulus check from the government. Upon stopping by an ATM at the local Family Express and withdrawing $200, he looked at the bottom of his receipt and discovered that there was $8.2 million in his account, according to CNBC.

Calvin is not a millionaire and had no idea where all this extra money came from. He was so shocked that he brought his friend with him to run the card again, thinking there was an error with the machine itself. Sure enough, the funds were still there.

"Apparently, my account had $8.2 million in it. I'm like, 'what in the world is going on here?' I ran the card again, and again $8.2 million. I said man, something is up with this," he recalled.

Thus, he showed the receipt to the cashier who told him that as far as she knew, the machine was in good working order.

"I showed her the receipt and she looks at the receipt, she looks at me, looks back at the receipt. She said, 'You have this much money in your account?'"
Calvin informed her that he was not rich at all, and in fact, was relying on the stimulus check to pay his rent.

Calvin then told a police officer friend about the funds that had appeared in his account without reason. The officer instructed him not to touch the money but to call his bank on Monday morning.

Nevertheless, by the time Calvin did call his bank, the extra millions were no longer there. The only deposit that had been made was the $1,700 he had been expecting.

In an interview, Calvin explained that he was not able to determine whose fault the error was. It could have been an ATM issue or an error within his bank or the federal government.

Calvin was initially disappointed about his short-lived millionaire status. Nevertheless, he is keeping a positive outlook.

"It kind of sucks you go from being a millionaire on paper one second then back to being broke again, but I guess once you're poor you ain't got nowhere else to go but up," he said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, qualifying Americans across the nation can expect stimulus checks, with many people having already received theirs. There will be 5 million checks issued each week. However, some of the checks could be delayed due to President Donald Trump's instructions to include his signature on them.