‘Zeno Clash 2’ Offers Face Punching Fun Later This Month

'Zeno Clash 2' punches its way to Steam later this month

Zeno Clash 2 is coming later this month, and it offers plenty of face-punching fun.

Do you ever get that urge to punch someone in the face? Are first-person shooters just not up close and personal enough for you? The creators of Zeno Clash, ACE Team, know how you feel.

Zeno Clash 2 gives you the chance to whip out the fisticuffs and lay the smack down on anything that moves. Hammer crabs, elephants, alien freaks and moving statues are among the targets in this title that lets you kick, punch, chain-whip and the like through waves of whatever. This game appears to be what would happen if Dead Island stepped away from zombies and just went crazy with what you were fighting, or Mortal Kombat if it stopped trying so hard to have a storyline and gave you first-person controls.

First-person fighters have rarely if ever had a successful go-around, though. The last attempt was in Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and though the rest of the game was top-notch, the first-person mode just didn’t work well except as a spectator sport.

During the announcement of punch-fest Zeno Clash 2, ACE Team said, “The game is coming out April 30th and it is besides the point, but it took us only 1.5 years to make it (and NOT 4 years like you might have been led to believe) :D.”

ACE Team had released Rock of Ages since their first go at Zeno Clash, justifying the stated development time for Zeno Clash 2. The trailer for this game is below.

Steam is offering a discount for pre-orders of Zeno Clash 2, along with a copy of its predecessor. The regular edition is selling for $17.99, with the special edition running for $26.99 with a digital art book and soundtrack. A two-player deal will sell at two copies for $29.99.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions will be released alongside the PC version.

What do you think of Zeno Clash 2?