Teen Claims Bullies Caused Brain Damage: Suing School

Bullies Caused Brain Damage, Teen Sues School

An Iowa teen claims bullies caused him brain damage and he is suing his school. The unnamed teen and his grandmother filed the lawsuit, claiming school officials failed to prevent the brutal attack.

The teen reportedly suffered a head injury as the result of bullying in his Bedford high school. The bullies allegedly taunted the teen for months and eventually physically attacked him, causing serious injury to his brain.

As reported by the Huffington Post, the bullies threw footballs at the teen’s head, repeatedly, until he was severely injured. The injures required a hospital stay and an operation to remove a blood clot.

The teen is out of the hospital, but claims that the bullies caused him permanent brain damage. The damage caused by the injury has reportedly left the teen disabled as he now suffers neurological and cognitive impairment.

The teen and his grandmother contend that although school officials were told about the bullying, they did nothing to stop it. The teen states that he complained to school administration about the bullies on numerous occasions.

As reported by BBC, Joe Drake, Bedford schools Superintendent released the following statement:


“Any known incidents or complaints of bullying, harassment or other issues concerning student welfare and safety are promptly investigated in accordance with district policies and procedures.”

The teen contends that, in his case, the school did nothing. He was assured several times that school officials were investigating the bullies, but the harassment never stopped. He further claims that, after the attack with the footballs, the coach told him the other boys were just messing around and did not mean any harm.

Whether intentional or not, the attack left the teen with a blood clot in his brain and permanent brain damage. The teen and his grandmother hold the school responsible and filed the lawsuit naming the Bedford school district and four school officials.