Noam Chomsky Says Donald Trump Is The ‘Most Successful Con Man In American History’

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

American philosopher and linguist Noam Chomsky recently spoke to Labor Notes and took aim at Donald Trump while he explained his perception of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the president’s approaches to running the Republican Party.

According to Chomsky, McConnell is the “evil genius” behind ensuring that all of the party’s most reactionary policies remain intact. Specifically, he pointed to McConnell’s staffing of the judiciary with “young, mostly unqualified, ultra-reactionary justices” that can oppose the desires of the country at will.

“Republicans know that they’re a minority party,” Chomsky said.

“There’s no way to get votes on their actual programs. That’s why they have to appeal to so-called cultural issues—gun rights, abortion and so on—not their actual policies, which are fill the pockets of the rich. That’s the actual policy.”

Chomsky claims that Trump is a “genius” at appealing to such issues for the benefit of the wealthy.

“Have to admire him. With one hand he says, ‘I’m your savior, I’m working for the poor working guy.’ On the other hand he’s stabbing him in the back. It’s pretty impressive. He’s most certainly the most successful con man in American history, ever.”

Although Chomsky claims that the purported Grand Old Party (GOP) strategy will fall apart at some point, he noted that it appears to be “maintaining itself” at this time. According to Chomsky, Trump and the Republican Party are attempting to dismantle as many facets of democracy as they can to maintain their grip on power.

Chomsky’s interview was released on the same day that Trump claimed that the president’s authority is “total,” which caused pushback from many of his critics. As reported by Global News, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushed back on Trump’s comment and claimed it was inaccurate. He pointed to the U.S. Constitution, which provides all unmentioned powers to the states within the union.

In his Labor Notes interview, Chomsky listed many of the other world leaders he claims to have the same agenda as Trump and the GOP. According to Chomsky, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is the worst offender and is only eclipsed by Trump because of the U.S.’s far-reaching power. Nevertheless, Chomsky claims that such figures are trying to create the landscape for the “next world,” a pursuit he suggests is part of the class war they are trying to win. If they win, Chomsky says, the lower classes will cease to exist.

In a recent interview on Democracy Now!, Chomsky again attacked Trump and his administration and their response to the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, he pushed back against the notion that the president didn’t have any indication that a pandemic was expected and could pose a danger to the country.