‘20,000 Leagues’ Remake Will Be Filmed In Australia

The upcoming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake will be shot in Australia.

The country will reportedly pay Walt Disney Studios around $20 million to produce the film Down Under. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher will spearhead the project for the studio.

The Australian government is hoping Disney will spend quite a bit of money during its stay in the country. Officials anticipate the production to spend upwards of $160,000. Reports also suggest the 20,000 Leagues remake could bring around 2,000 jobs to the area.

Former arts minister Simon Crean thinks this could be the largest cinematic production to ever set foot in the country. He explained that 20,000 Leagues could be “bigger than ‘The Wolverine’ — in fact, it will be the biggest production ever filmed in Australia.”

Prime Minister Gillard said in an official statement:

“On the back of the launch of Creative Australia, the new national cultural policy, the securing of this film is a huge coup for the Australian film industry and for the near 1,000 local businesses that will be providing goods and services for the film.”

Little else is currently known about the upcoming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake. Although David Fincher has been confirmed as director, no one has been cast in the movie. Filming locations and schedules have also yet to be hammered out.

While nothing official has been announced, its being reported that Brad Pitt is being considered for the lead role. Pitt and Fincher previously worked together on the 1999 flick Fight Club.

A source told Deadline that the film has yet to receive a green light from Walt Disney. The insider suggested that the fate of the project hinged on who would star in the big-budget remake. However, it’s expected the the production will ultimately find its way in front of the camera.

Are you a fan of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? What do you think about the remake currently coming together at Disney?