Liev Schreiber Breaks Up Fight At Los Angeles Restaurant

Liev Schreiber At Los Angeles Restaurant

Liev Schreiber reportedly broke up a fight at a Los Angeles restaurant over the weekend.

The actor is said to have stopped by Giorgio Baldi to grab a bite to eat. After finishing dinner, Schreiber found himself facing a group of photographers that had gathered around his car.

A restaurant employee attempted to help the Defiance star reach his automobile without incident. However, a heated exchange soon developed between the waiter and a female photographer. Reports suggest that the woman attempted to hit the employee with her camera.

“Get the f*** out. You touch me with that and I will eat you alive! You understand? I will eat you! Eat you!” the man yelled.

The employee and the female photographer got into a shoving match as he attempts to kick her off the property. After he pushes her through the parking lot, the woman took another swing the waiter. It’s around this point that Liev Schreiber got involved

“No, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. That’s enough. That’s enough,” the actor said as attempted to keep the situation from escalating.

Although the physical exchange between the pair ended after Schreiber got involved, the war of words continued. The woman threatened to press charges if her camera was damaged during the exchange. The waiter then threatened to eat the woman again.

It’s unclear if any charges were ever filed as a result of the altercation.

Liev Schreiber Los Angeles Restaurant

When he isn’t breaking up fights at restaurants in Los Angeles, Liev Schreiber still finds time to do some acting. He was recently cast as the lead in the upcoming Showtime series Ray Donovan. Coincidentally, the series follows the adventures of an L.A.-based “fixer” who helps people solve their problems.

Video of the fight can be found at X17Online.

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