Lindsay Lohan Abandoning The American Dream After A Painful Miscarriage?

Lindsay Lohan has surely gone through her own personal hell in the past few years. Having fought with drug and alcohol abuse and routine stays in numerous rehabilitation centers as well as correctional facilities, Lindsay hasn't been quite her innocent best for a long time.

Apart from her experiments with substances, Lindsay has also been trying different locations to live in a desperate attempt to get back on top of things. After residing in Los Angeles for quite some time, Lindsay recently shifted her base to New York. Apparently, the actress wanted to be close to family members and friends. In other words, she desperately needed the loving care and support of her family members with whom she is close, as well as her friends who stay in the Big Apple. All this happened right after her latest stint in an upscale rehabilitation center.

In her defense, Ms. Lohan has been sincerely trying to clean up her act and, more importantly, her efforts seem to be paying off. Although Lindsay is reportedly doing a lot better, she may soon be abandoning the American dream and moving to a relatively quainter and colonial location.

If the rumors are to be believed, Ms. Lohan may be moving to London soon. Lindsay feels London would be an ideal location to "recreate" herself. The Queen's hometown would surely offer her another opportunity to restart her life anew with a much cleaner slate this time.

Lindsay recently underwent a traumatic miscarriage, which caused her to suffer both mentally and emotionally. Lindsay might not have revealed this devastating news if it weren't for Oprah Winfrey. Lohan let the world know about the miscarriage while filming her self-titled OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) reality show Lindsay, reported WebProNews.

The show is apparently a bare-all attempt for Lindsay. Cameras followed her constantly as she struggled to deal with her addictions and bad habits. During the filming, Lindsay revealed her inner most fears and apprehensions. She talked about how badly she wanted to recover and how much she feared going back to her old ways. After the show ended, an overly emotional Lindsay admitted that she recently had a miscarriage while filming and was still dealing with the physical and mental toll the painfully unfortunate event had taken on her.

Currently in UK, Lindsay says she is greatly enjoying the change. Moreover Lindsay had informed her friends that she is "staying her for good," reportedYahoo, citing a source.

Once immensely loved, Lindsay has fallen on hard times owing to her multiple addictions. However, she appears to be sincerely trying to remedy her ways. Will London forgive and forget her past and offer her a fresh start?

[Image Credit | GazToday]