Kelly Clarkson Breaks Down In Tears On 'The Voice' During Emotional Moment

Kelly Clarkson got emotional during the latest installment of The Voice as she shared a very candid moment with one of her contestants. The singer broke down in tears on the April 13 episode of the NBC singing show when Megan Danielle covered one of the mom of two's most emotional and raw hits.

Kelly began crying when the Knockout Rounds began and 17-year-old Megan revealed she was singing her coach's 2015 track, "Piece By Piece."

As she began to perform the song for Kelly during the video segment before the actual performance, the two had a heart to heart, where the teenager opened up about her father, who left her when she was 7-years-old.

"Please don't tell me you relate to this song," Kelly told the member of her team, per the Daily Mail. The former has been very vocal about the inspiration behind the hugely emotional song, which tells the story of her relationship with her late father -- from whom she was estranged until his death in 2018 -- and the love her husband, Brandon Blackstock, has for their daughter River.

"When I was seven, my father left, and then I had my grandfather to pick all the pieces up for me," Megan said, to which Kelly replied that she felt like she was "Oprah-ing" her as she started to become emotional with tears forming in her eyes.

The former American Idol winner -- who recently had her two kids crash an interview she was doing for The Kelly Clarkson Show -- then opened up a little more about her own strained relationship with her late father.

"Even with my dad situation, not having that, it sucked, but sometimes that hard road led you straight to your life. Sometimes you gotta say 'Thank you,'" she said.

The Voice hopeful then began to perform the song and changed one of the lyrics to make it a little more personal to her, which had Kelly in tears.

She became visibly emotional and seemed to be so moved by Megan's performance she had to hide her face behind a piece of paper.

Many fans took to Twitter to comfort the mom of two after seeing her emotional response to the song and also to share their love for how passionate the singer is about her contestants.

"You are sooo awesome Kelly! We are all crying at these awesome singers. So enthusiastic for these contestants!" one person tweeted.

"Omg I think the whole world is crying! @kellyclarkson #VoiceKnockouts," another person commented.

"@kellyclarkson #VoiceKnockouts Love your tears, big heart," wrote a third.

Kelly's been candid about how much "Piece by Piece" means to her. One of her most famous performances of the song came on American Idol back in 2016, when she broke down due to the very personal lyrics.

She was pregnant with her second child at the time and cried as she performed a stripped down version of the song from her album of the same name. The emotional performance also moved Keith Urban to tears. Keith was a judge on that season of the show.