Lindsay Lohan Didn’t Demand Adderall, Says Lawyer

Lohan Adderall Rumor

Lindsay Lohan didn’t demand Adderall during her stay in rehab, her lawyer recently explained.

Mark Heller has once against jumped to his troubled client’s defense. The lawyer said reports about Lindsay Lohan’s demand for the drug are entirely untrue.

Reports surfaced yesterday that the actress wanted access to Adderall during her upcoming stay in a locked rehabilitation facility somewhere in New York. Several news outlets reported that Lohan was willing to take the case to trial if her demands were not met.

However, Heller said Lindsay Lohan never made the comments. He also said that courts would have been unwilling to grant her request.

“That was never a part of any discussion with the prosecutors or the court. That was never an issue we addressed,” Lohan’s lawyer told the New York Daily News.

He added that prosecutors would “never interject themselves into medical determinations.”

Mark Heller explained:

“Patients traditionally apprise facilities of what medications, if any, they’re prescribed, and after a full series of medical evaluations, each facility determines what medications, if any, are going to be allowed. This is never dictated by the patient. It’s always determined by medical staff who are well qualified.”

Court documents show that Lindsay Lohan has been on Adderall for quite some time. The actress’ prescriptions also include Zoloft, trazadone, Dilaudid.

Mark Heller Denies Lohan Adderall Rumor

Heller said on Monday the public shouldn’t expect to find his client back in court anytime soon. He also stated that her recent trip to Brazil shouldn’t complicate her current legal troubles.

“She has fully recognized all of the issues that have to be addressed, and I’m very confident she’ll be able to move forward in her life with dignity, pride and respect,” he explained to reporters on Monday.

The Liz & Dick star has until May 2 to find a locked rehab facility. If she fails to do so, then she could find herself behind bars.

Do you think rumors about Lindsay Lohan demanding Adderall during rehab are true?

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