Gwen Stefani Shaves Blake Shelton’s ‘Tiger King’ Mullet During Interview With Jimmy Fallon

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton’s mullet a touch-up during Monday night’s episode of The Tonight Show: At-Home Edition, as seen on YouTube.

Host Jimmy Fallon was speaking with Blake via video chat when Gwen popped up a few minutes into the interview. Blake was sitting outside on the porch of his home in Oklahoma, and there was a reason he chose that particular setting. Gwen informed Jimmy that it was Blake’s “haircut day,” and she revealed that she’s still trying to help him grow out the mullet that he debuted on Twitter last month.

Gwen came prepared to get to work, with an electric hair trimmer in hand. Her boyfriend removed his “I Drank Today” hat so that she could start trimming the sides of his salt-and-pepper hair. As she began cutting, a delighted Jimmy begged her to give Blake a mullet. Gwen assured him that this was exactly what she was doing, and she showed Jimmy the length of the “party in the back” curls that Blake has managed to grow out so far.

“I love seeing Gwen cut your hair. This is fantastic,” Jimmy said.

The talk show host remarked that Blake’s hair looked “punk,” but he still needs to grow the back out a bit more. Gwen occasionally shares throwback photos like the one below, reminding her fans of just how long Blake’s mullet was early on in his country music career.

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Gwen kept working on Blake’s trim as his interview with Jimmy continued, and Blake had a request for his girlfriend: He asked Gwen to shave Jimmy’s initials into his hair. Gwen obliged, but fulfilling Blake’s request proved to be a challenge.

“She just said they’re not showing up very well because of the gray,” Blake remarked.

“Oh no. That looks terrible,” Gwen said after she finished the job.

Jimmy’s verdict was that Blake looked “so Tiger King.” A lot of fans were making similar comments in response to Blake’s previous mullet update when he revealed that Gwen had shaved stripes on the sides of his head.

Earlier during his interview with Jimmy, Blake chatted about what he and Gwen have been doing while they’re hunkered down in Oklahoma amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Blake said that they were “quarantined with a bunch of Stefanis,” and he credited Gwen’s brother with setting up the video equipment for his remote interview with Jimmy. Blake revealed that he’s been spending a lot of his downtime gardening and putting up fence, while Gwen has mastered the art of making sourdough bread.

“Literally, it’s like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ out here,” Blake quipped.

Jimmy also asked Blake about how the upcoming live episodes of The Voice will be filmed. Blake said that the show’s producers have a plan, but he hasn’t been filled in on the details yet. You can check out the interview — and Blake’s haircut — below.