Ricky Seals-Jones Says He Signed With The Chiefs Because Demetrius Harris Convinced Him It Was A Good Fit

Ricky Seals-Jones carries the ball for the Cleveland Browns
Kirk Irwin / Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs fans have a former player to thank for their newest tight end. Ricky Seals-Jones wasn’t shy about explaining why he chose KC as the team he wants to spend 2020 with.

Not long after signing, Seals-Jones to the Kansas City Star it was former teammate Demetrius Harris that convinced him to sign with the Chiefs. The most interesting part of that is that Harris didn’t explicitly tell the tight end he should go and sign with KC.

According to Seals-Jones, Harris was simply complimentary about the franchise to the point that when it was time for the former Cleveland Brown to pick a new team, tales of the Chiefs’ clubhouse and front office stood out.

“Demetrius loved it. For me, that kind of played a part in it, too — Demetrius telling me stories about Kansas City and how the organization is and the locker room. That’s kind of a no-brainer. Coming from Demetrius, it was good to have someone that had already been there and that I’d already those conversations with to give you that over-the-top answer you’re looking for.”

In a regular offseason, the stories Harris told Seals-Jones might have played a part, but they wouldn’t have likely carried as much weight. This offseason, players weren’t able to visit potential teams because of the coronavirus.

Free agents could certainly talk to front offices and get a feel for who they might be working with. However, any organization that is going after a free agent is going to put their best foot forward. This is where Seals-Jones said he leaned on his former teammate in Cleveland.

The tight end said his conversations with Kansas City brass matched up with what he had been told last year. That allowed him to feel as though he was being told the truth. He was also quite impressed that a player who had left the team was still so complimentary.

There was at least one other factor that reportedly convinced the player to become a Chief. Head coach Andy Reid deploys a two tight-end set quite often. The team was looking for a second body to compliment starter Travis Kelce.

While KC has managed to hang on to many of the members of the 2019 Super Bowl Champs, Blake Bell did end up going elsewhere. He signed a one-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the offseason. That left a Ricky Seals-Jones sized hole on the roster. Now, both sides will hope their expectations are fulfilled, assuming the 2020 season gets played.