April 14, 2020
Maya Stepper Exposes Chest In Daring New Pic On Instagram

Maya Stepper has been posting new Instagram pics of herself with her new puppy named Jet since four days ago, and they have all been cute and sweet until her newest share. The model took things up a notch and flaunted her exposed chest in a new, daring snap as she held the dog in front of her.

The photo was in black-and-white and was of Maya standing in front of a blank wall. She appeared to be completely nude and only wore a towel in her hair. She held her dog in front of her midriff and used it to censor her figure.

The model glanced down towards the dog with a hint of a smile on her face with her lips closed. If she wore any makeup, it was hard to discern, although it looked like she sported eyeshadow and lipstick. Her hair was completely obscured by the large towel that she piled on her head, although her multiple hoop earrings were visible.

Maya's chest was on full show and she only censored herself with two thin, black rectangular lines that left little to the imagination.

Jet appeared to be enjoying being photographed and looked directly at the camera for the shot.

The sensation was well-lit in the photo with bright light streaming into the space from the right side of the frame. There was a lot of contrast in the image and she cast a dark shadow on the wall to her right.

The update has been liked more than 15,300 times so far and many of Maya's fans headed to the comments section to discuss her newest share.

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"Not from this planet beautiful dog mummy," raved an admirer.

"This shot is everything," declared another social media user.

"Wolf Baby and Wolf lady," gushed a third supporter.

The sensation also stopped by to respond to someone with criticism of the risqué share.

"I mean... couldn't that have been the same pic with the same filter with the same dog BUT with clothes on?" they asked.

"Of course it could have been. But it isn't," she responded with the victory hand emoji.

The blonde also posted another topless update to her Instagram feed on February 27, that time sharing a video and a couple of photos. In the first part of the share, the cutie showed off her silly side as she held her blond hair extensions to her chest and danced around with the wig's locks moving to and fro. Maya placed her hand on her chest and the clip was edited with a strobe light effect.