Kelly Thiebaud Addresses Her Sudden 'General Hospital' Exit

Actress Kelly Thiebaud has wrapped her latest run as Dr. Britt Westbourne on General Hospital, but this exit seemed rather abrupt to viewers. Monday's episode revealed Britt's off-screen move to Boston and now the actress is responding to fans confused by how this was done.

Fans were quick to take to social media after Britt's sudden storyline end that was incorporated into Monday's episode. People were perplexed by how Britt had taken a job at GH and gotten involved with Julian just to suddenly be gone with no farewell scenes.

After this episode aired across the country, Kelly posted a couple of tweets about the situation.

"Hiiii! Just wanted to clarify some things! Unfortunately yes i don't hve anymore scenes on #GH at the moment, BUT that could all change once productions starts bck up. I guess if y'all want more of #TheBritch u will hve to harass Frank and the #GH writers, it's up to them," Kelly tweeted.

A couple of minutes later, Kelly posted a second tweet with a little more information.

"Currently I am not on any shows as a series reg. I'm just bouncing around where the work takes me. Thank you for welcoming me again back to Port Charles. Always a fun visit and let's hope there is more to come. Love you all! Stay safe," Kelly wrote.

Kelly's tweets sparked quite a few immediate responses from General Hospital fans. It looks like they are embracing the challenge she issued and running with it, preparing to contact executive producer Frank Valentini and others connected with the show to campaign for the return of "The Britch."

As Kelly noted, she has been hopping around among several shows in recent months as gigs have presented themselves. She's been in a number of episodes of the primetime series Station 19, and she is going to pop up this week on Days of Our Lives.

It sounds as if Kelly is available and interested in returning to General Hospital if the show is game. The writers may have shipped Britt off to Boston for a new job, but it wouldn't necessarily be difficult to change course and bring her back.

Fans want to see Kelly back as Britt and they have no shortage of storyline ideas. Given her fling with Julian, she could certainly return to Port Charles pregnant, and she has ties to Nikolas, Spencer, Brad, Liesl, and plenty of others. For now, General Hospital viewers will have to hang tight and stay tuned to see if they can get their wish on having The Britch back in Port Charles anytime soon.