FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package After Learning It Was Going Into The Home Of A Child With Autoimmune Disease

A FedEx driver named Justin Bradshaw went above and beyond to protect a child he did not even know from contracting COVID-19. When Bradshaw found out that he was delivering a package to a family with a child that had an autoimmune disease, he sanitized their package for them with wipes and even wrote a kind message, according to Tank's Good News.

Bradshaw was dropping off a package for a woman named Carrie Blasi of Florida. She is the mother of Emma, a Type 1 diabetic. Emma's condition makes her not only more likely than others to get the coronavirus but also to experience life-threatening health complications as a result. The box they were receiving in the mail contained important medical supplies for Emma. A sign posted on the family's front door alerted the driver of the child's condition.

Bradshaw took the sign seriously and after wiping down the box, he wrote a message on top.

"I sanitized you[r] box once I've seen the note on your door. Stay safe," he wrote with a smiley face.

Carrie was so touched by the kind gesture that she posted about their experience on Twitter, including a photo of the message. Before long, the post was spreading quickly online, warming the hearts of many. After the post made its rounds online, Carrie and Emma were able to connect with Bradshaw and his family virtually.

They found out that he had a baby daughter named Nova, who was born premature. Nova was born at 28 weeks, weighing only one pound and 11 ounces. At the time, the baby had also been at great risk, thus Bradshaw could understand Emma's vulnerability.

"When I saw the sign, the first thing I thought of was Nova because she was a micro-premie, and she's very high risk," he said, speaking of the notice on the front door.

After receiving lots of love on her viral Twitter post, Carrie encouraged social media users to continue to share the story in hopes of encouraging people to look out for others during this stressful time, just as Bradshaw did.

"Thank you...and I would greatly appreciate it if you could retweet...I got to thank him and meet his family (virtually) and they are amazing - we need more people like them!!#belikejustin," she tweeted.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, many people have stepped up to the plate to advocate for others. As The Inquisitr previously reported, some young New Yorkers have been teaming up to deliver groceries to the elderly, who are unable to leave their homes.