Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Takes Off Her Pants Using Her Feet For The Handstand Challenge

Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi followed other celebrities and took part in the handstand challenge. The UCLA graduate showed off the impressive feat on Instagram where she took her pants off while balancing on her hands.

While people are forced to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak, many celebrities have taken to social media to pass the time and stay connected with fans. Actor Tom Holland was the first celebrity to help make the handstand challenge go viral, as reported by CNN, but female gymnasts have upped the stakes on the social media meme.

Originally, the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor propped his body up against a wall and put a T-shirt on while supporting his weight doing a handstand. Ohashi partook in the challenge by doing a handstand without using anything as support and instead of sliding a shirt on, she opted to take some clothing off.

In her Instagram video, the 23-year-old wore a gray camouflage workout top and black sweatpants in her living room. She bent over on her hands and went into a handstand, and first used her right leg to begin sliding her left pant leg off. She then alternated to the other leg to slide that side off. Within seconds, the pants were down around her ankles as she revealed she was wearing orange gym shorts underneath.

The left pant leg fully came off first and Ohashi spun around on her hands to face the camera and remove her right pant leg with her feet. After the sweats were successfully removed, the gymnast chuckled into the camera and stopped the video.

Ohashi's post received over 600,000 views, with more than 135,000 Instagram users hitting the "like" button. Over 3,900 comments were left, as many were impressed by the athletic stunt. Azzi Fudd, a member of Team USA's women's basketball team expressed her amazement. Others heaped praise on the diminutive athlete.

"You're more powerful than 5G! Period," one follower commented.

"I can barely take my sweats sitting down," an Instagram user joked.

Plenty of people flooded the comments with the peach emoji and complimented Ohashi's figure.

"That thang pokin," a third person wrote, along with a drooling emoji.

"Now this is talent," a fan commented.

As covered by The Inquisitr, fellow gymnast Simone Biles performed the same maneuver over the weekend. The popular Olympian received over 430,000 likes for her rendition of the handstand challenge, where she took off a pair of peach-colored sweat pants using only her feet. Actress Halle Berry was among those that praised Biles in the comments section.