‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Peter Makes It Clear He’ll Do Anything To Hide His Lies

Wes Ramsey plays Peter August on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, April 13, reveal that Peter will be having a chat with Anna. He is feeling pretty confident these days now that he thinks he has successfully framed Obrecht for his recent crimes. From the sounds of things, he’s more determined than ever to maintain his cover.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Monday’s episode will feature new developments with the Peter and Obrecht saga. As Robert tells Obrecht she’s being sent to The Hague, and Maxie visits to bid her farewell, Peter will be spending time with Anna.

The sneak peek for Monday’s episode indicates that Anna and Peter will be working on gift bags and goodies for Violet’s upcoming birthday party together. As they talk and work on these, something will prompt Peter to tell Anna that he will do anything in his power to keep what he has.

What Anna doesn’t know, or won’t acknowledge, is that Peter is deadly serious here. She has been in a great deal of denial over the possibility that Peter orchestrated Drew’s disappearance and the hit on Andre and Franco.

As Anna was putting the puzzle pieces together on this mystery, Peter learned just how close he was to being exposed. He scrambled and managed to turn the tables and frame Obrecht. Anna embraced this setup since it exonerated her son, and she has done her best to pretend all is well.

Will Peter’s statement that he’ll do whatever it takes to keep what is his rattle Anna? If it does, it wouldn’t be the first time that his wording or tone was a red flag to her. However, at this point, it looks like she may well ignore any other red flags for as long as she can.

Peter is determined to keep his life with Maxie, James, and Anna in place, no matter what. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will make up some sort of distraction to try to keep Robert from learning too much, but it may not work for long.

Viewers will see some of this during Monday’s episode and more later in the week. Violet’s birthday party is slated to air on Thursday, and the buzz is that there is chaos on the way with the event.

While Peter will do his best to keep Robert from pinpointing evidence proving his guilt, he has others to worry about too. Sam and Jason have been distracted by the Cyrus situation, but it seems likely they will eventually round back to keep digging on Peter, too.

Who will manage to bust Peter once and for all, and how soon will it happen? General Hospital spoilers seem to tease that he’ll manage to keep his misdeeds hidden for now, but the walls will be closing in on him in the weeks ahead.