Clare Crawley Vows 'The Bachelorette' Will Film Amid Rumors Of A One-Location Season This Summer

Clare Crawley says The Bachelorette "will" film after the coronavirus crisis subsides. Amid rumors that her season of the show could be in jeopardy due to the scheduling conflicts the health pandemic has caused, the 39-year-old Sacramento hairdresser vows that her journey to find love will eventually begin.

Clare, a four-time Bachelor franchise veteran, posted a throwback photo from her previous stint on Bachelor in Paradise. The photo, taken outside of the Tulum, Mexico resort where the first season of the dating show filmed, shows Clare holding a "beach bar" sign. The future Bachelorette star is dressed casually in black shorts and a pink tank top, and she has wild "humidity" hair in the picture.

In comments to the photo, a fan wrote to Clare, "Please say you guys will still be filming after all this craziness."

"We sure will!!" Clare wrote.

Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky added that she wished the throwback photo was Clare off on her Bachelorette adventure right now and that this was all a "big bad dream."

"I really hope you're still going to get to do it," Ali wrote.

"Trust me, what I wouldn't give to be one a beach currently," Clare responded.

The Bachelor Nation beauty did not respond to a fan who asked her about rumors that her season will start filming this summer for a September premiere.

Fans of the long-running ABC dating show know that a normal cycle of The Bachelorette starts filming in March for a May premiere. While there has been no confirmation on the filming status of Clare's season, spoiler king Reality Steve Carbone has revealed that producers hope to resume production by summer.

On the Reality Steve podcast, the blogger teased that Bachelorette producers are hoping to film Clare's entire season in one location, at a resort for five weeks starting in July. The rumored smaller-scale season would have no travel to exotic locations and no hometown dates — just dating within the resort, with all of the cocktail parties and rose ceremonies held at the same locale.

Reality Steve revealed that Bachelorette producers are trying to find a resort that will agree to close to the public so that the show's cast and crew of nearly 200 people can have full run of the place. Everyone involved with production would be tested for COVID-19 prior to filming and would remain in a quarantine-like setting for the duration.

Clare's Bachelorette season was scheduled to start shooting in mid-March on what turned out to be the same day that Warner Bros. ultimately shut down production on all TV shows due to coronavirus concerns.

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison has already said Clare's season will change the game for Bachelor Nation as strict safety measures are put in place. The longtime franchise star previously teased that Clare may even have to walk around with a thermometer as she greets her suitors.