AEW News: Chris Jericho Discusses Potential Retirement Plans

Chris Jericho poses with AEW World Championship
All Elite Wrestling / Facebook

Chris Jericho made a big impact on last week’s episode of All Elite Wrestling‘s Dynamite, but it wasn’t for his in-ring performance. “Le Champion” joined Tony Schiavone at the commentary table to call the action throughout the show, and his performance was so well received by fans that they’d like to see him do more announcing in the future.

Jericho also seems to be interested in becoming a commentator when he eventually hangs up his boots. Citing a Facebook live stream that he hosted this weekend, Wrestling Inc reports that Jericho said that he’s always enjoyed doing commentary, and while it’s difficult to pull off for an entire show, he’s interested in making it a more permanent gig down the line.

Jericho also explained that he chose to fill in for Jim Ross and Excalibur because he wanted to have a “presence” on the show. The coronavirus has disrupted some of the company’s big plans for the veteran, including the Blood and Guts match between his Inner Circle faction and The Elite. Jericho simply felt his talents could be put to use in a non-wrestling capacity.

“I wanted to be on the show and provide a little energy, just in case. You know we are working in front of eight people, 10 people all strategically spaced apart of course.”

According to Jericho, he was also inspired by some of his favorite heel commentators, and he wanted to pay homage to them during his own stint on the call. During the stream, he also said that he’ll also be lending his voice talents to other shows moving forward.

“I thought if I could get on there as kind of an obnoxious heel, such a better demographic, obviously channeling my favorite color commentators Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan. We got some good reviews for that. If you enjoyed it last week, stick around. We are going to be doing it again this week.”

AEW has used some of its most popular wrestlers to call some of the action in recent weeks, and all of their performances have been quite well received. Cody Rhodes, Colt Cabana, and Kenny Omega were filling in with Schiavone prior to Jericho becoming involved, as the company continues to make the most of the talent and resources they have available at the moment.

Jericho doesn’t plan on retiring for the time being, but wrestling fans will be pleased to know that he’s open to the idea of more commentating when he does.