Niece Waidhofer Celebrates Easter In Latex And Bunny Ears To Dress Like ‘Dragon Ball’ Character Bulma

Niece made a joke about other women celebrating the holiday in lingerie.

Niece Waidhofer takes a mirror selfie.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Niece made a joke about other women celebrating the holiday in lingerie.

Niece Waidhofer blew her fans away by celebrating Easter Sunday with her own unique take on a bunny costume. In her latest Instagram upload, the Texas model was wearing rabbit ears and a tail, but her outfit wasn’t fluffy and white. Instead, it closely resembled the iconic Playboy bunny costume.

Niece was trying her hand at cosplay by dressing up like Bulma from Dragon Ball. The character is famously forced to wear a sexy bunny costume in an episode of the anime series, and Niece’s outfit was an exact replica of it. The model was wearing a strapless black latex bodysuit that clung to her curves. She was posing from the side with her back arched, so her photo showed off her tiny waist, voluptuous chest, and pert posterior.

Niece’s costume also included a pair of dark blue tights and a fluffy white bunny tail. She paid attention to detail by wearing a white collar and a red silk bow tie around her neck. On her wrists, she was wearing a pair of white shirt cuffs with black buttons.

Niece was rocking a long aqua wig, which was topped with a pair of pointy black bunny ears. She completed her outfit with a pair of red latex stiletto heels that featured buckle ankle straps.

Niece’s beauty look included a nude lip, dark eyebrows, long curled eyelashes, and black eyeliner on her upper and lower lash lines. She was pictured striking a playful pose by bending her right knee so that her foot was even with her left knee. In lieu of an Easter egg, she was holding a shiny orange replica of a dragon ball in her left hand. Niece was slightly angling her upper body towards the camera and giving it a small smile.

In the caption of her post, Niece predicted that many of her fellow e-girls will be celebrating Easter by dressing up in sexy lingerie and bunny ears. She also cracked a joke about celebrating the resurrection of the Dragon Ball character Goku.

Niece’s Easter cosplay proved to be a hit with her Instagram followers who pressed the “like” button on her post more than 68,000 times in the span of a few hours. Niece also received a flood of praise in the comments section.

“Playboy don’t have sh*t on a Bulma pulled off right,” read one response to her photo.

“Ah now this is special. Just lovely. Your legs look wonderful in those tights and shoes,” another fan wrote.

Many of Niece’s followers also joined her in cracking Easter jokes.

“Finally, someone realizes what this day is truly about. Granted I grew up orthodox cowboy bebop but the teachings are similar,” one commenter quipped.

Yesterday, Niece delighted her followers by dressing up in a different black bodysuit that was a bit more revealing than the one pictured above. The garment had a corseted bodice and a thong back.